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About Us

The History

of creating atmosphere

Marsha Rockwell & Dustin Moorehead began Creating Atmosphere with $100.00 worth of glassware in a garage with little to no formal experience in the business of design or the business of business.  The early years are best described as clutching chaos, designing, learning, growing, and changing at a rapid pace.  Two friends with a huge amount of support from their network of friends and family started down an unexpected road.  Laughing, sweating, working, creating, crying, singing, and designing.  In every sense of the words they were creative, resourceful, and dedicated to every event they produced.  In the early spring of 2015 the duo opened Creating Atmosphere Design Studio on Center Street in Omaha.  In July of that same year, suddenly, and unexpectedly, Marsha went on to the great garden in the sky to tend to her flowers.  Since Marsha’s passing, the focus of the company and the principals of design have remained a constant reminder of the tough road traveled by the two friends.  The rebranded Creating Atmosphere logo of 2016 was designed with Marsha’s spirit in mind.  The circular shape and design is reflective of the flower of life pattern but also a special gift Marsha gave to Dustin many years ago and, today, is a constant reminder of those beginning years of two friends and an idea that grew into something bigger. 

Much of 2017 was spent refining the planning and Design Process while producing a range of incredible events, pushing Creating Atmosphere to new heights.  Closing out the year producing nearly 50+ successful events. 

For 2018, Creating Atmosphere has grown to produce events ranging from elegant sit-down dinners for 12, weddings of 300 plus, to huge corporate functions with over 2000 guests.  The design team has grown to have multiple fulltime positions and many production assistants to help produce the fully booked schedule for this year.  

In growth, change, remembrance, and celebration we have found a deep gratitude that we are fortunate enough to create and live this beautiful life of designers.  With its thorns, broken glass, skipped lunches, late nights, and early mornings we are blessed every moment of this creative life!